Car wrapping

You can find out about the many possibilities of car foil and much more by P&M in Pforzheim.

We can cover your whole car with your choice of image or slogan through our latex printing system, drawing attention to your advertising message.   The latex colours in our system are flexible and cannot be torn, so that the final result is perfect.

Use your car as an advertising media, either with complete car coverage or a caption only, to generate existing customer interest or win new customers.

We use high quality foils from quality suppliers and therefore guarantee the best results inscriptioning results.

All cars which get a premium quality inscription remain in our heated dust free factory for a day to acclimatise to the temperature required to complete the inscriptioning.

In a second step the car needs to be cleaned and all traces of fat removed to ensure that the foil sticks.  Three days later the car can be picked up and has the additional benefit of being protected from damage from flying stones on the road.