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The Company

More than 20 highly qualified employees.  More than 20 years’ experience.  Modern processes and solutions.  High quality developed systems for production.  All together that makes us one of the most innovative companies offering both media and print.

From the initial concept to the actual realisation, including optimal in house production of advertising materials for print or online, P&M offers a complete range of media and print services.

In the areas of online and mobile, we as service provider focus on processes which allow our customers to centrally manage their content and automatically distribute it to online, mobile or print channels. Multi-channel capable systems combined with high quality individualisation and relevant know-how; that’s P&M.

With in-house tools such as Web2Business, Lead2Business and VisIT we help our customers to optimise and simplify processes around sales and marketing.  And that also for mobile, on or offline.

The Vision

Some people see the things the way they are and ask themselves „Why“
Ich träume von Dingen, die es nie gab, und frage: “Warum nicht?”
John F. Kennedy

Our vision is to realise the wishes of our customers.
No trade-offs or losses.  We deliver solutions.

Everything we do, with technology or our know-how, is aimed at achieving this vision.  Our ideas then become reality and our dreams come true.


Robert Weingardt

Robert Weingardt

Geschäftsführer / CEO

+49 (0)7231-13322-68

Anke Weingardt

Anke Weingardt

Kaufmännische Leitung / CFO

+49 (0)7231-13322-10

Bozica Magdic

Bozica Magdic

hp Services

+49 (0)7231-13322-47

Angus Duck

Angus Duck

Art Director

+49 (0)7231-13322-35

Marcus Böhm

Marcus Böhm

Leiter Print Bereich

+49 (0)7231-13322-33


P&M is founder of the Media-/IT-Initiative Pforzheim with the goal of promoting the town of Pforzheim as the ideal location for IT.

We are helping Pforzheim to be seen as modern and positive. And in working together with other leading media/IT companies in Pforzheim, not only do we help to keep qualified employees, but also to attract new.  At the same time we bring IT experts from all over the area together.

Our strategy is to actively shape the future.

To find out more about the initiative and its members go to www.mit-pf.de or visit us on Facebook www.facebook.com/mit-pf.

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