Web2Business is the advanced process improvement Web to Print portal hosted by P&M in Pforzheim.

Via this portal you have the possibility to produce and administer on demand marketing materials.  Not only can you administer your marketing materials (flyers, roll-ups, posters, billboards, prints on plexiglass, prints on Aludibond, photos) but you can also extend the offer to include stock articles for trade shows and events (giveaways, Aludibond, MDF or plexiglass POS displays).  A further advantage could be to define a workflow with approval steps; where you can accept or reject orders.

The Web2Business portal offers you the following advantages:

  • Cost savings through automated processes
  • No stock issues, only produce on demand
  • Minimise stock costs through „Print / print on Demand“, since no capital investment is required to maintain stock quantities
  • Orders can be placed anytime, anywhere
  • Speed up the orders by simplifying the approval process
  • More than one supplier can be set up at one time