Moulding and Cutting in Pforzheim from Plexiglass, Plastic, AluDibond, Aluminium and many other materials

If you are looking for a competent business partner or manufacturer of 3 dimensional objects, then you are good hands with P&M.  We work with a wide range of materials; plexiglass, AluDibond, all kinds of plastic, brass and aluminium in a dimension from 2×3 m and a thickness of 7cm.

In Pforzheim (Made in Germany) we can produce 3D logos, 3D letters, 3D numbers, 3D lettering, and items for events.  And with our state-of-the-art machine we can finish your product in any size, from small to extra-extra-large, and in every possible shape.

As manufacturer from creative 3 dimensional objects from a range of materials; plexiglass, plexiglass XT or plexiglass GS from the manufacturer Evonic and ThyssenKrupp plastics and also Alu Dibond, styropor, MDF, aluminium and other materials.

We can make your decoration for an event from a special light weight Styropor®, Styrodur® or any other material – from small up to very large, with colour if need be, imprinting, laminating or varnishing it with diverse materials.  With our special printing press we are able to offer UV sheet direct printing (sheet printing) or direct printing technology. We can print on any material up to 50 mm thickness and up to a maximum dimension of 2.5 m x 5 m.  (Even larger if required but that is dependent on weight).